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Surviving Cancer: My Story

I know I have always talked about my story in writing but this month I was given the opportunity to share it for the first time in public in front of A LOT of...


Best Moments of 2018

2018 has been a crazy year, in fact it was full of many ups and downs. I made new friends and reconnected with past friends. I overcame many obstacles and kicked cancer square in...


Top 10 Quotes I Live by Everyday

Do you ever find yourself looking for quotes in hopes that someone can relate to what you are going through? I do that all the time, I find different quotes for the situations I...


15 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

One thing I noticed while going through chemo treatments was that there were times I became really sad, almost to the point of depression. There were days that I didn’t want to get out...


Fitness Goals

Growing up, I have always been active. I played softball and soccer for most of my life so I was always in shape. Going into my senior year of high school I started getting...


Surviving Cancer

Growing up you never dream about having cancer, in fact it was probably the last thing on your mind. For me it sure was, I never imagined waking up one morning going to the...