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Life Updates

March was a very busy month. It was full of changes, some life changing and others not as big but I wasn’t on my laptop very much last month. I was slacking ion blogging...


2018 Goals Reflection

Wow it’s New Years Eve already, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. In fact it seems just like yesterday was only August. This year was a pretty wild roller coaster....


My Top 10 Favorite Movies

If I could watch movies all day long, I would. I love being able to spend an entire day in my bed, relaxing and watching all types of movies. I watch quite a few...


Top 10 Quotes I Live by Everyday

Do you ever find yourself looking for quotes in hopes that someone can relate to what you are going through? I do that all the time, I find different quotes for the situations I...


Meet Kylie D.

Hi! My name is Kylie DesBouillons. I am a sophomore in college studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs where I also teach elementary students about STEM. I also am a...